Wanda Gereben
Music Educator and Patron of the Arts


Pacific Rim Children's Chorus Festival


The Pacific Rim Children's Chorus Festival produced annually from 2001 to 2010. It was designed to provide treble children's choirs in grades 6 through 12 an opportunity to experience the cultures of the Pacific Rim countries through their choral music repertoire in an interactive, non-competitive, creative environment. Participants interactively explored music, dance, instruments, language and story-telling with native speakers and instructors.

What made this Festival experience unique?

  • Sing authentic, ethnic, choral literature from Pacific Rim countries
  • Learn Polynesian dances with native instructors
  • Practice text and language with native speakers
  • Discover musical instruments and dance implements from Polynesia
  • Observe ethnic music and dance performances of Pacific Rim cultures
  • Perform at two major Hawai'i concert venues
  • Interact with children's choruses from Hawai'i and Pacific Rim countries

What did each singer take home?

  • A festival workbook of educational and resource materials
  • A handmade musical instrument or dance implement
  • A festival T-shirt
  • A world of new friends
  • A lifetime of musical memories

What countries represented the Pacific Rim?

Australia, China, Japan, South Korea, Philipines, Singapore, Taiwan, Fiji, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Samoa, Tonga, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Brunei, Canada, Chile, Peru, Mexico, United States

Festival Concerts

The Festival presented two major mass choir concerts open to the public: Saturday night at the BYU-Hawaii Cannon Center and Sunday night at the Blaisdell Concert Hall in Honolulu. In addition, two evening concerts held at the Turtle Bay Resort Ballroom provide participating choirs an opportunity to perform their own concert repertoire.



The Festival repertoire is selected to represent the choral traditions of those countries around the Pacific Rim and Polynesia.


An aloha sunset beach cookout dinner took place at the Turtle Bay Resort lagoon on the first night. All participants and companion tour associates gathered for welcoming ceremonies and hula greeting with our host choir, the Hawai'i Youth Opera Chorus. Throughout the nine days, many activities were designed to have students from different choirs interact with one another to learn and share music. A farewell aloha sunset event brought our Festival to a colorful close.

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